NexusICO is a full-service agency specialising on ICO financial, Casinos funding and Coins/Currencies trading as well prior in its own token sales and management. Download Business plan We Guide Investors Through ICOs We Guide Investors
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Welcome To The NexusICO Headquarters
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Why Choose Us?

NexusICO aims at providing financial freedom to its investors. Our values deeply imbibe the philosophy of helping, we help people who believe in us. NexusICO stands apart from its competitors in several ways, in that we offer best in class returns to our investors. We are firm and prompt with payments as they are automated, and our operating principles are cohesive not divisive. We operate in a ñiche market unlike others who operate in random markets, bearing most of the investor’s risk ourselves and offer guaranteed returns.


Business Plan Videos

Steps for better knowledge.
Introduction to the primary and secondary market. Definition of risks and profits, available instruments and more. You gain knowledge on 3 levels with NexusICO: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. NexusICO is not just an investment framework, but also a platform for you to learn and become genuine experienced trader.
webinars to train.
Live commentary basing on the live market and real capital. We believe there is a communication gap while working online. We bring you internet pieces of training and seminars at frequent intervals. Our public speakers are all set to connect with you on real-time conferences. Be active for weblearn with NexusICO.
Global rank active traders
Staff at NexusICO LLC are for your inflow and outflow of capital, dividends and other processes. Bull or Bear, our professional traders always enhance the trades to accumulate wealth for the industry and its shareholders equally. We will put all our efforts and backup for stability even after millions of fluctuating trades.

Blockchain & ICO’s

Our NICO TOKEN is getting ready for you!

Cryptocurrency Trading

Our experts trade for you without any risk!

Casino’s & Online Gaming

We fund & create trending apps & games!

Our Tokens
What is NICO Token?
NexusICO’s plans to launch its own ICO in early 2021, ‘NICO’ will be the native token of the platform. When launched, investors will get an additional option of purchasing investment packages using ‘NICO’ along with other coins we are accepting currently. This, however, will need the investors to obtain NICO first via our ICO sale or from any exchanges we get listed on. More communications on NICO will be shared in due course.

Use NICO to purchase investment packages

To promote efficient usage of our own native token, we offer great discounts on packages if purchased using NICO tokens.

Premium features of the Platform

Using NICO, the investors gets access to premium features of the platform at a discounted rate. The features include but not limited to advanced reports and custom dashboard, access to pre-ICO calendars and ICO research material etc which helps to make investors take informed decisions when purchasing packages.

Trade NICO on exchanges

NICO can be traded as any other Cryptocurrency on the exchanges we get listed on. The price will be determined by its supply and demand.

Access to Partner ICO’s project

NICO can be used to access our partner’s dashboards with projects detailed analyses, financial information, return on investments (ROI), information on dividend payments, this again helps investors to choose right packages.
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Apr 2019
Team formed with a few ICO enthusiasts and research on ICOs begun.
Aug 2019
Solicited investments via private sale from a closed group of investors.
Dec 2019
Investments open for public, NexusICO launches its Global Investment Platform.
Feb 2020
NexusICO unveils Bonus Investment options for early investors.
Apr 2020
NexusICO announces its bounty program to reward existing investors.
Jul 2020
Assessment and amendment of Investment packages occurs.
Oct 2020
NexusICO releases it own AI app that helps Investors make informed decisions.
Jan 2021
NexusICO solicits Fiat Investments and expands Investment portfolio.
Apr 2021
NexusICO launches its own Blockchain and ICO presale is commenced.
Aug 2021
NexusICO launches it's mainsale and token is listed on notable Crypto exchanges.
Oct 2021
STO/IEO Advisory and listing services launched into existing markets.
Apr 2022
Decentralized Investment Portal and Blockchain as a Service launched.
Our Framework

NexusICO is a brand new multiple investment entrepreneur capital platform enabling investors to take part with the least level of risk involved who resulting in generating stable and multiple incomes to lead the investors capital to turn into wealth asset for their better lifestyle. Your journey with us is very intention and worthwhile. Our collaborations and transactions are as much effectively framed in order to spread the investment sources into wide areas for consistency and future growth.

             We, at NexusICO, identify and make use of the market inefficiencies and seek to profit upon it. A proprietary algorithmic system with statistical modelling is developed by us that identifies critical insight into each alternate coins cycle. Our trading professionals take mostly short-term positions and in some cases medium-term positions across large-cap cryptocurrency markets for stability. NexusICO persuades machine learning and statistical modelling systems in cryptocurrency exchanges thus regularly monitoring the markets to identify and capture trading opportunities. We encourage developing mathematically- formalised strategic tool to trade liquid markets and procure great profit, which otherwise would have produced low returns due to traditional strategies. Various market-neutral and long/short strategies are applied to futures markets on some of the largest exchanges, enabling both low transaction costs and high liquidity at all times.

Investment Portfolio
  • Blockchain Platform
  • Casino and Gambling
  • Investment Services
  • Other
Profits Portfolio
  • Casino and Gambling
  • Other
  • Blockchain Platform
  • Investment Services

Profits Portfolio chart describes the performance of our investments across different domains in Q1,2020

High Returns on Investment

NexusICO uses various trading techniques to maximize revenues, thus promising high returns to our investors.

Easy withdrawals

Withdrawals are prompt, available at any time and are easy to use.

24/7 Chat support

Our support staff is available round the clock to serve your needs anytime.

Transparent Business

Investors are provided with view of all transactions, self and for all referrals.

Attractive Referral schemes

We offer best in class incentives for referrals and several bonus schemes upon promotions built on our Binary model.

User friendly dashboard and reports

Track and manage investments and referrals with built-in reporting capabilities.

Being a small community of global traders and entrepreneurs with a growing brand of NexusICO, we have to definitely do a lot more with less resources among current competitors. While you want to create a business bigger than yourself, you’re going to need help, and that’s what NexusICO board does to overcome the financial hassles for a long term management with its tools and technology. For us to win, we expect the audience belief and support to take a lead. Join us to the Maximum. 
                   – GERI SMOLL (Director & CEO)
Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Geri Smoll
Director and CEO
Joseph Bell
Director and CTO
Tina Petty
VP, Marketing
Chris Green
Senior Trade Analyst
NexusICO User Reviews

Mary Natasha Hola Llamigo Muhammed Mustafa Maureen George
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Frequently Asked Questions

A guide for everyone to understand each and every function associated with NexusICO. We have mentioned all of our operation footmarks in the following FAQ guide which allows a user to study in brief about how NexusICO’s software originally developed and composed. Transparency is the ultimate service where NexusICO is accountable for your interactions and everyday needs which leads towards the smooth flow of our Journey. This guide is enough for you to experience our top-notch support services.

NexusICO Capital llc., is a registered entity in the UK.

NexusICO Capital llc., leverages Cryptocurrency trading and ICO investments coupling it with decades of experience into traditional securities and investment banking. NexusICO utilizes this background to make the participation of any contributor transparent, accessible, and completely secure.

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