Nexus ICO

With a team of cryptocurrency consultants and professionals, NexusICO specializes in funding, developing popular apps, trading in forex & cryptocurrencies, and further launching their new service into NFT’s / Metaverse, so that our users can benefit from our platform and be of great importance in the financial world.

NexusICO is a financial project and is fully Transparent & Legal.

NexusICO is a fully encrypted platform that runs tested contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.

About Us

Welcome to the Official NexusICO Office.

The Next Generation Investment Solution. Emerged with a vision to provide financial freedom to all investors, NexusICO aims to offer the helping hand people need. NexusICO stands apart from its competitors in several ways, they imbibe in providing the best in class returns to their investors. They are substantial and prompt with payments as they are automated.

Visit the brand-new NexusICO desk today.

Our dedicated Departments are working amazingly, really! Being a small community of global traders and entrepreneurs with a growing brand of NexusICO, we have to definitely do a lot more with fewer resources among current competitors. The current goal of NexusICO is to stabilize the new & higher peaks of the profits by expanding toward working capital and proper allocation of available financial resources.

Big day, Big moments. We are counting 365 days & many more to come.

Success sounds sweeter, only after hard work. Big Claps on the very first year corporate anniversary of your most trusted investment firm NexusICO, we are grateful to each and every investor & team member for believing in us and becoming a part of this wonderful family. Thank you all for your contribution to our success! May you continue to trust us for many more years to come.


By participating In NexusICO, we ensure premium benefits.


Numerous cryptocurrencies, extensive charting options, and low Fees. Users can trade securely and download documents that educate them about a particular issue, and explain and promote a particular concept or procedure.

Security Features

A User’s account for 2FA authentication verification is ensured. For security purposes from hackers and scammers. We have sophisticated devices that maximum protect all data of our users and investors. We’ve released a means of easy communication with us for you to complain or ask for support on our CONTACT US page.


Low fees compared to other platform exchanges. One of the world’s top financial platforms based on trading with crypto, forex, & NFTs generating genuine returns & commissions on a global scale.

Revenue Model

We invest our investor’s money into five different projects to generate income and profits for them. You can purchase more than one package. The package gets activated within 24 hours of purchase. Profitable and infinite benefits. Withdrawals are rapid and fast.


We are most legit and are a certified and registered company. Incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company and a registered office in the UK & USA. You can visit the NexusICO office by taking an appointment at [email protected]

Certified Plans

The rate of investment is earned passively. We offer 3 investment packages, starting from as low as $50. Any day, anytime, no matter how the market cap looks or how low the market is, NEXUSICO continues to guarantee you promised returns.

Fixed Incomes

Our Rate of investment returns is 300, 400, and 500% on the 3 packages for 261 days. A total of 7%, 8%, and 9% commissions on all referral referrals on Nico Starter, Nico Pro, and Nico premium respectively followed by a total of five level referral benefits.


Customer support is Topnotch and quick. Worldwide services and operations. Using our platform doesn’t only stop at trading with us, it serves as a good business opportunity for everyone who doesn’t earn enough or has no work at hand.

Why Us?


Since 2019, NexusICO has been providing financial freedom to its investors through ICO and Cryptocurrency trading. Over time, we started funding casinos and creating trending apps & games that can have a positive value to this market. We will also introduce our own “NICO” token in 2024 to give investors and common people an opportunity to make profits and enjoy all the premium features of our platform.

With a team of well-experienced and talented Cryptocurrency traders & tech advisors, NexusICO aims to help its customers and come up with newer and better technology each day. With our platform, you’ll not only be able to get great deals and discounts on our investment packages but also make incredible profits as we continue to grow our network. Unlike our competitors, our main focus is to provide guaranteed profits to our investors, no matter how risky the market situation is.

  • NexusICO's investment journey was established on the 23rd of June, 2020.
  • NexusICO is currently providing five different types of major incomes & commissions.
  • NexusICO is diversifying all your funds into five leading & revenue-generating industries. Connectivity across payments networks


We do not operate as a small, minute, or inexperienced company. We have a team of experts who optimally have the company’s interest at hand. We make sure day by day to offer you a very high standard mode of operation. Every feature is best handled without any error that is detrimental to our users and investors.

It is no news that many people have been extorted through different platforms. Our society is filled with a lot of dangerous websites and platforms just to deceive people into giving out all their money. Our platform has ensured a maximum of 24 hours of security every single day for a lifetime. We have sophisticated devices that maximum protect all data of our users and investors. These data are also well encrypted with no other party able to access a particular user’s private data.


  • You can just become our investor in any of our available packages & earn daily fixed interest.
  • You can also participate in our affiliate program for making instant additional commissions.
  • You can become our top gear regional executive by participating in our Leadership Programmes.

Our Investment Products

Partnered in many popular leading investments resources
  • Blockchain & ICOs
  • Crypto Trading & Arbitration
  • Online gambling & Casinos
  • NFTs & Metaverse
  • Forex trading


We do not operate with traditional banking systems anymore. NexusICO currently allows modern payments to activate investments and withdraw your earnings by using the following currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tron, Tether USDT, Dogecoin, Binance USD, and USD coin.

  • Our advanced techniques are responsible for a perfect digital currency evolution.
  • It is time-saving and encourages easy cash-out or payout in just simple clicks.
  • Your investment mode of currency will be the same mode set for your withdrawals.
  • Investments made with vouchers will have bitcoin as their default withdrawal currency.


NexusICO aims at providing financial freedom to its investors. Our values deeply imbibe the philosophy of helping, we help people who believe in us. NexusICO stands apart from its competitors in several ways, in that we offer best-in-class returns to our investors.

  • Create a free account using a sponsor in order to start your investment journey with us.
  • Minimum investment amount is $50 and the maximum investment amount is $100000.
  • One can register multiple accounts and one can also purchase multiple packages.
  • Once the investment is made, then it takes 24 hours for your account to yield.


We are firm and speedy with payments as they are automated, Withdrawals are prompt, available at any time, and easy to use. Our operating principles are cohesive, not divisive. We have dedicated chat support to answer your queries anytime, and we will respond to you immediately.

  • We have withdrawals paid every day, every week, and on yearly basis.
  • Our minimum withdrawal amount is $10 and there is no maximum limit.
  • You can also withdraw multiple times in a day.It takes 2 minimum hours and 24 maximum hours to process all your withdrawals.
  • We do have 7% withdrawal fees for all the wallets deducted after you withdraw.


Protecting Customers is a top priority for NexusICO, and all the supporting systems are redundant and are updated regularly with the latest security needs to ensure resiliency. The user is requested to keep their password & secure pin safe and secret and never to share it with others.

  • All the user's data & information are securely stored and fully private.
  • We have an encrypted system from end to end. There is no leakage.
  • We have set sophisticated devices & cloud flare precautions to maintain security & prevent third-party interference.
  • All transactions within the NexusICO ecosystem are secured and monitored 24/7.


There are various pricing packages available with us. You can opt any to activate your account and start earning with us.

Nico Starter

Suitable for starter
$50 to $4999
  • Duration - 261 days
  • Total % returns on Investment - 300%
  • Daily Income - 1.149%
  • Weekly Income - 5.745%
  • Monthly income - 25.278%
  • Referral Lv1. - 7%
  • Binary - Flat 10%
  • Capping - $2500

Nico Pro

Suitable for profession
$5000 to $49999
  • Duration - 261 days
  • Total % returns on Investment - 400%
  • Daily Income - 1.532%
  • Weekly Income - 7.66%
  • Monthly income - 33.704%
  • Referral Lv1. - 8%
  • Binary - Flat 10%
  • Capping - $5000

Nico Premium

Suitable for corporate
$50K to $100K
  • Duration - 261 days
  • Total % returns on Investment - 500%
  • Daily Income - 1.915%
  • Weekly Income - 9.575%
  • Monthly income - 42.13%
  • Referral Lv1. - 9%
  • Binary - Flat 10%
  • Capping - $10000



Frictionless market: The market is being made easy with our NICO tokens. You get to purchase and trade at a very flexible rate. Creating an account on the website alone brings you many promising offers. You can easily control your finances. Watch over them and get guided by crypto and trading experts.

Earn: Using tokens earns you a moulded amount of interest and daily, weekly and monthly profits. Same as NICO PRO and NICO PREMIUM. We’ve made it possible for our tokens to have a breakthrough in the financial world. Thereby creating unlimited opportunities to earn.

Decentralised: Making our tokens safe and easy to use is our top priority. They are well-secured and encrypted. Long-time access with hindering circumstances is duly avoided. Making these tokens useful for long-term trading is guaranteed.

Self-governed and managed: The functions consist of however now no longer restricted to superior reviews and custom dashboards, getting entry to pre-ICO calendars and ICO studies cloth, and so forth which facilitates to make traders to make knowledgeable choices whilst buying packages.


The process of our company formation
December 2022
January 2023
January 2024
January 2025
January 2027
January 2028
January 2029
September 2029
January 2030
December 2022

The launch of the company's official V.03 website, NEXUSICO. The website offers a wide range of features for a variety of uses.

January 2023

NexusICO's official sub-office branch establishment work for a personalized experience, great products with good offline and online business services initiated into many countries.

January 2024

Looking forward to NICO being used by a lot of people across the world. Trading on the NexusICO app, as features are available for good transactions. We will commence the Pre-sale of tokens by this year.

January 2025

Having a 40% Increased number of clients and investors registered on our trading website is the goal. We will commence the main sale of tokens by this year on top exchange platforms.

January 2027

Transactions are now more verified. The use of NICO has become more widespread, and they are now increasingly accepted as a legitimate currency for transactions.

January 2028

Rapid payments and money transactions anywhere in the world. The NICO currency is encrypted so it cannot be counterfeited, and encrypted data cannot be overwritten or modified.

January 2029

Looking at NICO being among the top 50 in the Coin market cap, having a lot of traders on it, and profiting successfully.

September 2029

NexusICO gets more populated investors and is well known in not less than 100 countries in the world.

January 2030

The NEXUSICO trading app becomes one of the best secure online platforms for buying, selling, transferring, and storing cryptocurrency, not just NICO but other coins.

Executive team

Geri Smoll

Director and CEO

Joseph Bell

Director and CTO

Tina Petty

VP, Marketing

Chris Green

Senior Trade Analyst


Marketers create white-papers to educate their audience about a particular issue, or explain and promote a particular methodology.

Accepted Currencies

We operate fast, quick and easy payment modes.


A doorway to unlock one's potential for maximising higher rewards.




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