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We provide the solution for asset management

NexusICO's Background History

Blockchain Solution Architect

As the name implies, Nexus ICO. We are a limited liability company that uses your crypto assets to trade and generate funds. With years of expertise and dedication, we’ve been able to gain a strong ground and hold for the company.

Nexus ICO, With a team of cryptocurrency consultants and professionals, specializes in funding, developing popular apps, trading in forex & cryptocurrencies, and further launching their new service into NFTs / Metaverse, so that our users can benefit from our platform and be of great importance in the financial world. We started in the year 2019, celebrating outstanding and advanced anniversaries, our investors and users are well-recognized and loved. NexusICO has provided financial freedom to its investors through Forex and Cryptocurrency trading. Over time, we started funding casinos and creating trending apps & games that can have a positive value to this market. We will also introduce our own “NICO” token in 2024 to give investors and the common man an opportunity to make profits and enjoy all the premium features of our platform. With a team of well-experienced and talented Cryptocurrency traders & tech advisors, NexusICO aims to help its customers and come up with newer and better technology each day. With our platform, you’ll not only be able to get great deals and discounts on our investment packages but also make incredible profits as we continue to grow our network. Unlike our competitors, our primary focus is to provide guaranteed profits to our investors, no matter how risky the market situation is. We do not operate as a small, minute, or inexperienced company.

Why Choose NexusICO -

We have your interest at hand. We would nurture, care, encourage and profit from your investments. We are not just a regular investment company, we are well-certified. And documented attachments of our genuine achievements can be found on our website which you can view and download.

We provide trading and investment solutions to our investors. We guide and lead them into making wise decisions. NexusCO is a fully encrypted platform that runs tested contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud, or third-party interference.

Every feature is best handled without any error that is detrimental to our users and investors. It is no news that many people have been extorted through different platforms. Our society is filled with a lot of dangerous websites and platforms just to deceive people into giving out all their money. Our platform has ensured a maximum of 24 hours of security every single day for a lifetime. We have sophisticated devices that maximum protect all data of our users and investors. These data are also well encrypted with no other party able to access a particular user’s private data. NexusICO creates the use of extensive experience in driving the company and financial services with trading and investments. NexusICO uses this framework to make each user’s activity visible, explicit, and 100% guaranteed & protected.

All these services are well managed and supervised by the company. We so much trust and believe in our investors and users and we want their services to be safe and well-secured. We remain one of the world’s top financial platforms.

How does NexusICO operate -

We’ve brought in a lot of investment opportunities or a way to generate income. Our referral programs have made a lot of users millionaires by earning through their downlines. This makes their uplines. Additionally, we offer services that help users earn interest or conduct business with cryptocurrencies.

We, at NexusICO, identify and make use of market inefficiencies and seek to profit from them. A proprietary algorithmic system with statistical modeling is developed by us that identifies critical insight into each alternate coins cycle. Our trading professionals take mostly short-term positions and in some cases medium-term positions across large-cap cryptocurrency markets for stability. NexusICO persuades machine learning and statistical modeling systems in cryptocurrency exchanges thus regularly monitoring the markets to identify and capture trading opportunities. We encourage developing mathematically- formalized strategic tools to trade liquid markets and procure great profit, which otherwise would have produced low returns due to traditional strategies. Various market-neutral and long/short strategies are applied to futures markets on some of the largest exchanges, enabling both low transaction costs and high liquidity at all times.

Furthermore, We received over 500 Applications for project funding. 100 of the shortlisted projects are invited to a face-to-face assessment via organized events. At least 50 are selected for Company visits and further screening happens at Company’s premises. We visit them to understand the Project and the trading structure in detail, 20 of the 50 Projects are shortlisted for funding. We invest in them aggressively, participate in their ICOs planning, arrange for more funding if needed and drive the process to closure.

NexusICO's types of investment products

Blockchain & ICOs20%
Crypto Trading & Arbitration40%
Forex Trading30%
NFT's Metaverse10%

Nexus ICO is offering financial solutions since the 23rd of June, 2020 as a top-quality asset management firm. NexusICO is a legal firm registered in the UK and USA. We are a customer-centric LLC determined to generate maximum profits using your crypto assets. Our team of cryptocurrency consultants focuses on developing and sustaining programs tapping into the Metaverse and NFTs. We also trade in forex & cryptocurrencies and collect funding for the blockchain ventures of our clients. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every investor gets to experience the best of the crypto world and gain premium profits on their investments. Our cryptocurrency traders and tech advisors are here to develop newer technology and conduct efficient asset management.


The process of our company formation
December 2022
January 2023
January 2024
January 2025
January 2027
January 2028
January 2029
September 2029
January 2030
December 2022

The launch of the company's official V.03 website, NEXUSICO. The website offers a wide range of features for a variety of uses.

January 2023

NexusICO's official sub-office branch establishment work for a personalized experience, great products with good offline and online business services initiated into many countries.

January 2024

Looking forward to NICO being used by a lot of people across the world. Trading on the NexusICO app, as features are available for good transactions. We will commence the Pre-sale of tokens by this year.

January 2025

Having a 40% Increased number of clients and investors registered on our trading website is the goal. We will commence the main sale of tokens by this year on top exchange platforms.

January 2027

Transactions are now more verified. The use of NICO has become more widespread, and they are now increasingly accepted as a legitimate currency for transactions.

January 2028

Rapid payments and money transactions anywhere in the world. The NICO currency is encrypted so it cannot be counterfeited, and encrypted data cannot be overwritten or modified.

January 2029

Looking at NICO being among the top 50 in the Coin market cap, having a lot of traders on it, and profiting successfully.

September 2029

NexusICO gets more populated investors and is well known in not less than 100 countries in the world.

January 2030

The NEXUSICO trading app becomes one of the best secure online platforms for buying, selling, transferring, and storing cryptocurrency, not just NICO but other coins.


Geri Smoll

Director and CEO


NexusICO was founded by GERI SMOLL. He has been very passionate about making money and getting a great living for himself and his family. He studied Marketing and Finance at one of the best universities in Los Angeles. He also graduated as one of the best students in his department.  Having left university, he ventured into financial markets. Studied the acts and knowledge of crypto/forex trading. He made his first million dollars 4 years after bagging a degree. Not long, he decided to teach young techs about the act of making money online. He encouraged them to invest in cryptocurrency and trade. He watched and nurtured them on how to invest in crypto. These included forex trading, crypto trading and arbitration, online casinos, and so on. These young techs made a lot of money after Geri Small trained them. A few tears later, he gathered a few people and decided to start his own company, NexusICO. He is a man of wisdom and great knowledge, very versatile and lovely. He is an example of a successful and wealthy man.


Project Acquisitions70%

Joseph Bell

Director and CTO


JOSEPH BELL has a master’s and Ph.D. – holding Computer Engineering. He has technical skills in infrastructure, security, asset management, help desk support, and research development. He is responsible for developing the company’s strategy for using technological resources and ensuring these technologies are used efficiently, profitably, and securely. His experiences include evaluating and implementing new systems and infrastructure. He’s well-versed in excellent communication skills, strategic thinking, problem – solving aptitude. His responsibilities with NexusICO are, helping departments use technology profitably, building data protection processes, and communicating technology strategy to partners, users and investors.


Research & Development90%
Human Resources80%
Trading & Tokenisation90%

Tina Petty

VP, Marketing


TINA PETTY has recorded vast experiences with many companies. She has 7-plus years of progressive marketing experience in cryptocurrency. She has deep expertise in social media marketing and strategy. Experience in email marketing with a solid understanding of email and database strategy. Vice President (VP) of Marketing, Tina, oversees marketing strategies and efforts to strengthen our company’s market position and achieve desired business goals. She makes sure our investors and users are duly noted of any information to be passed across through our social media platforms.


Media influencers70%
Social management90%
Consumer Psychology80%
Market Analysis80%

Chris Green

Senior Trade Analyst


CHRIS GREEN has a Proven track record of interacting with and advising executive and senior management level positions in organizations both internally and externally. He has Strong communication, presentation, and negotiation skills, especially in ice-breaking sales and marketing. Well Experienced in deal-making such as deal negotiations, value propositions, drafting contracts, etc. And at least 3 years of experience in defining and locating priority targets. His job description includes the Design and executes marketing and growth strategies for projects and partners to accelerate user expansion. Building and expanding a pipeline of both crypto and non-crypto partners across all verticals. In addition, CHRIS GREEN has a Professional working experience in the crypto sectors specifically in partnerships and brand development. He’s an extraordinary master in trading with financial markets & tools.


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