What is NexusICO ?

NexusICO is a smart ICO-related cryptocurrency entrepreneur capital platform enabling investors to take part with the least level of risk involved who resulting in generating stable and multiple incomes to lead the investor’s capital to turn into wealth assets for their better lifestyle. A firm located in London, UK, involved in managing the Crypto assets of Investors and providing exceptional returns globally.

What is the nature of business of NexusICO ?

NexusICO is involved with multiple top income -generating industries such as Blockchain & ICO Investment services, Online Gambling & Casino Crypto trading & arbitrage, NFT’s farming & trading, and Forex trading with others as a simplified portfolio. Majorly we invest our customer’s money in the most promising projects and attempt to maximize returns on each trade made with the listed financial industries.

NexusICO is legal and regulated?

With the rise in Cryptocurrency scams, it is natural for the user to mistrust new Companies.NexusICOCapital LLCisa subsidiary ofNexusGroupandis formed with experts in the ICO and Blockchain space. The Company is registered with the Companies House, UK, and the excerpt of the Registration Certificate is attached for everyone to check and verify. We are not just entitled to the UK registrar but with multiple countries as our sub-branches legally. Our director’s identity and company office addresses are proof verified by regulatory authorities which resultedin NexusICOto operate worldwide.

How do I become a member of NexusICO?

To become a member of NexusICO, you are required to sign up as an Investor direct with the company or with the help of your sponsor’s linkand purchase atleast one Package. The Packages currently offered by NexusICO are reasonable and for every class persons. Anyone and from anywhere can participate.

What currencies can I use to make a purchase of packages?

Nexusico Currently Allows Modern Payments To Activate Investments And Withdraw Your Earnings By Using Below Payment Methods: Bitcoin(btc), Ethereum(eth), Bitcoin Cash(bch), Litecoin(ltc), Tron(trx), Tether(usdt), Dogecoin(doge) And USD Coin(usdc).

What all three business packages available with NexusICO?

NexusICO offers varying opportunities for income based on the packages you purchase.

  • NICO Starter ($50 – $4999) offers a return of 300% in 261 days, the cumulative ROI paid on daily basis.
  • NICO Pro ($5,000 – $49,999) offers a return of 400% in 261 days, the cumulative ROI paid on daily basis.
  • NICO Premium ($50,000 – $1,00,000) offers a return of 500% in 261 days, the cumulative ROI paid on daily basis.

For more information on business packages in brief, please refer our ‘Business Plan’ document

What is the potential incomes for me from NexusICO?

We bring you multiple types of incomes which are stated below:

  • ROI–Returns on your investment which is earned passively i.e., without any efforts from your side on a daily basis with a yearly plan.

  • RI–Referral income which is one-time commissions instantly paid after any new referral participated under your tree. We offer direct and indirect referral commissions up to five-level.

  • BI–Binary income which is fixed % commissions paid on the lowest matching amount on both the sides of the binary legs, again paid on daily basis and on every new sale generated.

  • R/B-Residual or Bonus income which is an interest paid on the daily returns accrued in NICO plus wallet type in your account every month end.

For more information on types of Income in brief, please refer our Business Plan document.

What is the potential income for me from my referrals?

NexusICO offers many rewards for Referrals, all the referrals you make are organized into a binary matrix on your Dashboard and the one-time amount you earn on referring is called ‘Referral income’ (RI). You are paid up to 7, 8, or 9% of the amount your referral at Level 1 invests. You continue to earn varying % commissions for all your referrals and your referral’s referrals until Level 5.A ‘Binary’ system refers to the process of arranging referrals on a matrix of 2, one is placed on the right side called ‘right leg’, and the other is placed on the left side called ‘left leg’. There is a percentage commission offered to you on the Businesses done by your referrals on both legs, this is called ‘Binary Income’ or ‘Binaries’. With NexusICO, a flat 7% commission on the lowest matching amount on both legs is paid as binaries every day! For brief information on affiliate incomes, please refer to our ‘Business Plan document.

What is the potential income for me from my referral's referrals?

You are eligible to earn a flat10%commission on all your Referral’s referrals. This income is called ‘Binary income’ and is disbursed using the ‘Binary’ payment process, you’re also entitled with 5 levels of referral commissions from your referral’s referrals.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount to purchase a package is $50.

Can I purchase more than one package?

Yes, you can purchase as many packages as you wish and earn various ROIs on each of the Packages. However, the referral income will be paid based on the Package with the highest amount.

What will be the mode of payment if one purchased the packages using a voucher?

Vouchers used from your Upline to activate your own account then the mode of payment will be set the same by default which your Upline is using. Vouchers generated or account activated from any of the e-currencies to activate your account then the mode of payment will be set as default the currency which you’ve used while purchasing a package.

When is the first payout on my purchased package?

The package gets activated within 24 hours of purchase and the first payout will happen on a consecutive day at 12:00AM GMT.

Where do I see the status of my transaction?

The statuses of all transactions are available on the Dashboard Reports. Navigate to wallets>>statements>>and click on the wallet from which you have  requested a transaction. Hence, you can download a file to list down all your transactions directly from your account as any type of document.

What are the Leaders Program associated with NexusICO

It is an exclusive business package program introduced for the higher level of entrepreneurs who is willing to become the very close NexusICO official crew companion. This package has special treatments and additional benefits compared to the normal packages. To understand in brief how exactly this package functions? please, refer to our official presentation to elaborate further. Please note-Once after you have activated this exclusive package then it takes 24 hours to get approved by the specific department.

What can I do with NexusICO Dashboard?

NexusICO Dashboard is your portal for managing your investments, incomes and Referrals. You can manage your profile, view your purchased packages, view Wallet Balances and transfer/withdraw money across Wallets

How can I change my profile information?

You can change any detail by clicking onProfile->Edit Profile from the User Dashboard.

Can I change or replace my email address?

Registered users are authorised and able to change or replace their email directly from the user dashboard, whereas, active users are unauthorised and unable to change or replace their email from their user dashboard area,  therefore, any active user want to change their email address have to compose an email to raise a ticket and send the email to our support department. Once the ticket is raised we will verify the details first and resolve the case in minimum hours.

Can I use one e mail ID for creating another account?

Yes, you can use one e-mail ID to create multiple accounts. However, you will get different user IDs by which you can login and handle the investments and withdrawals separately.

Is KYC mandatory?

KYC is not mandatory for creating an account or for activating it. However it is needed during Withdrawals. To be KYC compliant user needs to upload the required document in to the portal.

What is Business wallet?

This wallet is dedicated to your Referral and Binary income, withdrawal from this wallet is possible daily with 7% admin charges and you can transfer funds from Business to NICO wallet with zero % fees and you will be able to generate vouchers and use them for your reinvestment purpose. 

What is NICO Wallet

This wallet is dedicated to your (75%) of the ROI income, withdrawal from this wallet is possible only weekly with 7% admin charges. Funds from the NICO wallet can be transferred to other user’s NICO wallets with zero % fees, and you will be able to generate vouchers and use them for your reinvestment purpose.

What is ‘NICO Plus’ Wallet?

This wallet is credited with (25%) of your ROI which can only be withdrawn at the completion of the package term with 0% admin charges., additionally, interest accrued on the balance in this Wallet is credited at the end of every month. Transfer of funds from this wallet is restricted. You will however be able to generate vouchers and use them for your reinvestment purpose.

What is the discount while generating a Voucher?

On generating vouchers 0.5% discount relies upon every transaction made by you.

Why can’t I withdraw funds from my NICO Plus Wallet?

The funds in your NICO Plus Wallet cannot be withdrawn before package expiry as these are utilized for investments into long term ICO Projects and other expansions which will be a type of reserves. Hence interest is paid on holding of these balances.

When can I withdraw my funds?

You will be able to withdraw your funds from the ‘Business Wallet’ at 7% Admin charges anytime you wish and from the ‘NICO Wallet’ at 7% Admin Charges only on weekends, however, you can withdraw from the ‘NICO Plus’Wallet with 0 charges only after the Package expiry.

Are there any restrictions on Withdrawal amounts?

Yes the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10, there is no upper limit on this.

How long does it take to process a Withdrawal request?

The withdrawals are processed within 4 hours of the requested time, however, if the traffic is high then the maximum time is 24 hours.

Are investments NexusICO secure from web threats?

Protecting Customers is a top priority for NexusICO, all transactions within the NexusICO ecosystem are secured and encrypted using SSL. All the supporting systems are redundant and are updated regularly with the latest security needs to ensure resiliency.

Can I visit the NexusICO Office?

Yes,, of course, you are heartily welcome to our Premises. We will be glad to have you here, often we like to have the front to front table meet with our Users. There are many users who have already been visited and some who are also in a queue to get approved with their appointment by the Admin. So you make sure to take an appointment first by writing an Email to us and pre-book your seats to have a Friendly environment with Nexus Group.

What happens if I have not logged into the Portal for a long time?

Your account gets deactivated after 6 months of inactivity, however, you can [email protected].

Who do I reach out to for any issues with my account?

We have dedicated chat support to answer your queries anytime, you can also write to [email protected], we will respond to you within 4 hours or maximum by 24 hours.

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