Various incomes in nexusico

In NexusICO, there are various incomes. These are; The ROI income, The Referral income, and the Binary income. These three various incomes talk about the return on an investment which is The ratio of return compared to the entire amount invested, a referral income whereby NexusICO pays the referral incentives for five downline levels, and a binary system/ income where income is earned on both legs, respectively. Explore and acquire our growth income opportunities.

A comparison between the financial return of an investment and its cost ROI is calculated as (profit – cost) / cost. Your return on that investment (ROI), or percentage of profit produced from a $1,000 investment, would’ve been 0.9, or 90%. The ratio of return compared to the entire amount invested is the standard definition of ROI. An investing calculator is usually another way to get this information. ROI can be helpful when making business plans to launch your company, marketing efforts (for marketing accountability), or evaluating the prospective profitability of a certain investment. A related indicator is a return on advertising spend (ROAS), which emphasises specific strategies to expand your company, like a single advertising campaign. Businesses can assess their financial position and profitability using a wide range of different criteria. When spending money or deploying a marketing strategy like a PPC campaign, among the most common and useful metrics is the return on investment (ROI).

At this time, we provide 300% for Nico starter, 400% for Nico premium, and 500% for the premium pro package. The ROI money is invested often through pre-sale in high-performing icos agreements, and resale usually occurs after a week. This limited window enables us to work quickly and allows us to pay dividends every day: If you choose  a NICO Pro Package With A $5000 Investment, you are entitled to $20,000 after 261 working business days, I.E.400% Total ROI. You are paid $20,000 / 261 working business days= 76.63$ every day Into your NICO and NICO PLUS Wallets, respectively.

What does referral income mean?

When a member of your network or an existing customer suggests your company to potential clients, you get referral fees. Referrals are the backbone of any organisation, small or large, and can occur naturally via conversation or intentionally through marketing efforts. The difficulty is in producing referrals consistently and effectively.

NexusICO pays the referral incentives for five downline levels. At level 1, the % commission offered varies with different packages. It is 7%, 8%, and 9% for NICO Starter, Pro, and Premium, respectively. From Level 2 onwards until Level 5, it is 2%, 1.5%, 1% and 0.5%, respectively, for all packages.


Referral income Illustration

Alice is a subscriber of NexusICO and she refers Betty to her left leg who purchases a NICO Pro Package with $5,000 investment. On the right leg, Alice refers to Charlie who purchases a NICO Starter Package with $2,500 investment. Both Betty and Charlie are on Level 1 for Alice, hence Alice gets 8% commission, i.,e $400 for referring Betty to NICO Pro Package and she gets 7% commission, i.e., $175 for referring Charlie to NICO Starter Package. Let’s say, Betty refers John to invest $5000 into NICO Pro, Betty gets a 7%of $5,000, ie., $350 while Alice gets 2%of $5,000 i.e.,$100 as John is on Level 2 for Alice. Again, lets say, Charlie refers David to invest $10,000 into NICO Pro Package. Charlie gets an 8% of $10,000 ie., $800, while Alice gets 2% of $10,000 i.e., $200 as Charlie is on Level 2 for Alice. This chain of referrals continues to grow and pay Alice down until 5 Levels. In the above example structure, Alice earns $1060 from her Business on the left leg and $425 from her Business on the right leg, totaling to $1485. By dedicating a few hours to promote NexusICO, Alice is rewarded with great income. The income possibilities with such a Business are endless. The nature of the Network model is designed such that just two active members can yield sufficient returns for the whole tree, while the fact remains that the more active the members are, the more money is made.

The method of placing references on a grid of two, one on the right-hand side, termed the “right leg,” and the other on the left-hand side, called the “left leg,” is referred to as a “Binary” system. It’s known as “Binary Income” or “Binaries” when you receive a percentage reward on the transactions made via your recommendations on both legs.


With NexusICO, a flat 10% commission on the lowest matching amount on both legs is paid as binaries daily! In cases where the business done on either of the legs remains zero, the lowest matching amount becomes zero; hence, nothing is settled until a new member onboards on the correct leg. Therefore, ensuring that the business on both legs grows proportionally is essential. Your affiliates are always motivated to bring in new businesses. Most of our best-performing clients also devise attractive schemes to boost their downlines!

Binary Income Illustration

Alice is a subscriber of one of the NexusICO packages and she gets Betty to invest $5000 into NICO ‘Pro’ Package. Betty is placed on either of their legs of Alice, let’s say she is placed on the left leg for now. After some time Alice gets Charlie to invest $2500 into NICO ‘Starter’ Package and Charlie gets placed on the right leg. Hence, for Alice, the business done on the left leg is $5,000 and the business done on the right leg is $2,500. In this case, the lowest matching amount is $2500, hence, a commission of 10% on $2500, which is $250, is paid to Alice on the day Charlie joins. The balances on both legs are carried forward to the next day and until a new member joins. Hence, Alice now has a balance of zero on right and $2500 on left carried forward from referring Betty. Let’s say, Alice or Charlie, bring in another person, say, David, who invests $10,000 into the NICO Pro package, and Alice or Betty bring in John, who invests $5,000 into NICO Pro Package. Now, the business done for Alice on the right leg is $10,000 (from David) and on the left leg is $7,500 ($5000 from John and $2,500 carried forward from Betty’s referral), hence for Alice, the lowest matching bonus is now $7,500. Therefore, a commission of 10% on $7,500 which is $750 is paid to Alice again. The new balance on the Left leg is zero and on the right leg is $2,500 which gets carried forward. This process repeats infinitely, giving you an excellent opportunity to grow your income multifold.

Leaders program

The foundations of trading, investment banking, and ICO investing are the core of NexusICO’s operations. There is a fantastic opportunity with the investments, which are sufficiently self-driven and profitable. However, there is an excellent avenue with affiliates. Consequently, we have developed a variety of promotional offerings for our privileged members, who we refer to as “Leaders.”


Our three grand programs are ‘Be a partner,’ ‘Be an affiliate,’ and ‘Leaders arena.’


They offer multiple benefits, and investors must buy at least one of the packages before taking advantage of the offers.

"Be a Partner" Program

To acquire extra advantages after your fruitful activation of a particular bundle, mercifully endeavour to guarantee the solicitation to the administrator for endorsement. Once the administrator endorses your solicitation, the accompanying extra advantages will be charged and credited to your record. Perusing your extra binary capping requires 24 hours from the day of initiation. After your endorsement, all the withdrawal waivers on charges will be applied right away. Whenever you are associated with “Be A Partner,” any three direct reference enactments with “Be A Partner” bundle an exceptional voucher reward that is attributed individually to the degree of your upline. There are benefits associated with each investment package.

"Be My Referral" Program

Grow your network and gain exciting returns with our exclusive “Be My Referral” program. Get assured incremental percentage commissions for every threshold of Referrals you make. You get 1%, 2%, 3%, and 4% of all the investments made by 100, 250, 500, and 1000 investors, respectively.

"Leader's Arena" Program

This level represents the Leader’s potential to gain additional Binary income on growing sales. There are four levels to enhance the benefits to a Potential Leader on growing a network both on the left and right side.

The matching amount is taken into consideration to credit your additional bonuses which are following $2500, $5000, $7500 & $10000 respectively based on the Leaders Level.

Once you have reached the fourth level, after your next matching sales you will continue to receive the additional bonuses of the Fourth level flat of 4 percent.


When you achieve each level of potential additional binary bonus at;

  • LEVEL 1 of $250000 matching bonus earns an additional $2500 binary bonus.
  • LEVEL 2 of $500000 matching bonus, you get a $5000 binary bonus.
  • LEVEL 3 of $750000 matching bonus gives a $7500 binary bonus.
  • LEVEL 4 of $1000000 matching bonus presents you with a binary bonus of $10000 additional.
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