Welcome to the world of NexusICO. Where we offer a multitude of investment options for our investors. We’re about to introduce you to the business plans curated by experienced investment advisory and networking experts. Let’s discover different investment packages available as well as the types of wallets and income possibilities.


Return On Investment

‘Returns on Investment’ income, which is a fixed % return assured on the package purchased, paid daily. There are various pricing packages available with us. You can opt to activate your account and start earning with us. We currently offer 300%, 400%, And 500% For NICO Starter, NICO PRO, And NICO Premium Package.

Nico Starter

Suitable for starter
$50 to $4999
  • Duration - 261 days
  • Total % returns on Investment - 300%
  • Daily Income - 1.149%
  • Weekly Income - 5.745%
  • Monthly income - 25.278%
  • Referral Lv1. - 7%
  • Binary - Flat 10%
  • Capping - $2500

Nico Pro

Suitable for profession
$5000 to $49999
  • Duration - 261 days
  • Total % returns on Investment - 400%
  • Daily Income - 1.532%
  • Weekly Income - 7.66%
  • Monthly income - 33.704%
  • Referral Lv1. - 8%
  • Binary - Flat 10%
  • Capping - $5000

Nico Premium

Suitable for corporate
$50K to $100K
  • Duration - 261 days
  • Total % returns on Investment - 500%
  • Daily Income - 1.915%
  • Weekly Income - 9.575%
  • Monthly income - 42.13%
  • Referral Lv1. - 9%
  • Binary - Flat 10%
  • Capping - $10000


We do not operate with traditional banking systems anymore. NexusICO currently allows modern payments to activate investments and withdraw your earnings by using the following currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tron, Tether USDT, Dogecoin, Binance USD, and USD coin.

  • Our advanced techniques are responsible for a perfect digital currency evolution.
  • It is time-saving and encourages easy cash-out or payout in just simple clicks.
  • Your investment mode of currency will be the same mode set for your withdrawals.
  • Investments made with vouchers will have bitcoin as their default withdrawal currency.


NexusICO aims at providing financial freedom to its investors. Our values deeply imbibe the philosophy of helping, we help people who believe in us. NexusICO stands apart from its competitors in several ways, in that we offer best-in-class returns to our investors.

  • Create a free account using a sponsor in order to start your investment journey with us.
  • Minimum investment amount is $50 and the maximum investment amount is $100000.
  • One can register multiple accounts and one can also purchase multiple packages.
  • Once the investment is made, then it takes 24 hours for your account to yield.


We are firm and speedy with payments as they are automated, Withdrawals are prompt, available at any time, and easy to use. Our operating principles are cohesive, not divisive. We have dedicated chat support to answer your queries anytime, and we will respond to you immediately.

  • We have withdrawals paid every day, every week, and on yearly basis.
  • Our minimum withdrawal amount is $10 and there is no maximum limit.
  • You can also withdraw multiple times in a day.It takes 2 minimum hours and 24 maximum hours to process all your withdrawals.
  • We do have 7% withdrawal fees for all the wallets deducted after you withdraw.


Protecting Customers is a top priority for NexusICO, and all the supporting systems are redundant and are updated regularly with the latest security needs to ensure resiliency. The user is requested to keep their password & secure pin safe and secret and never to share it with others.

  • All the user's data & information are securely stored and fully private.
  • We have an encrypted system from end to end. There is no leakage.
  • We have set sophisticated devices & cloud flare precautions to maintain security & prevent third-party interference.
  • All transactions within the NexusICO ecosystem are secured and monitored 24/7.


What is a ‘Business’ wallet?

This wallet is dedicated to your Referral and Binary income, withdrawal from this wallet is possible daily with 7% admin charges. You can transfer funds from Business to NICO wallet with zero % fees and you will be able to generate vouchers and use them for your reinvestment purpose.

What is a 'NICO' Wallet?

This wallet is dedicated to your Bonuses and half (75%) of the ROI income, withdrawal from this wallet is possible only weekly with 7% admin charges. Funds from the NICO wallet can be transferred to other users' NICO wallets with zero % fees, and you can generate vouchers and use them for your reinvestment purpose.

What is a 'NICO Plus' Wallet?

This wallet is credited with half(25%) of your ROI which can only be withdrawn at the completion of the package term, additionally, interest accrued on the balance in this Wallet is credited at the end of every month. Transfer of funds from this wallet is restricted. You will however be able to generate vouchers and use them for your reinvestment purpose.


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