NexusICO plans to launch its own ICO in early 2025, and ‘NICO’ will be the native token of the platform. When launched, investors will get an additional option of purchasing investment packages using ‘NICO’ along with other coins we are accepting currently. This, however, will need the investors to obtain NICO first via our ICO sale or from any exchanges we get listed on. We are in the process of developing our own blockchain as a service, where, our NICO token will be listed and traded on reputable exchanges after our successful technology is ready and after we have legally listed our token into currency. Hence, we are in the process to launch our own currency as an alternative coin and allow users to buy and hold it in the pre-sale when we appeal our main sale, the price of our token may hike in no time and will be traded on the global scale. More communications on NICO will be shared in due course.

Merits of using our NICO TOKENS

Use NICO to purchase investment packages

To promote efficient usage of our own native token, we offer great discounts on your investment packages if purchased using NICO tokens.

Trade NICO on exchanges

NICO can be traded as any other Cryptocurrency on the exchanges we get listed on. The price will be determined by supply and demand.

Premium features of the Platform

Using NICO, the investors get access to premium features of the platform at a discounted rate. The features include but are not limited to advanced reports and custom dashboards, access to pre-ICO calendars and ICO research material, etc which helps to make investors take informed decisions when purchasing packages.

Access to Partner ICO’s project

NICO can be used to access our partner’s dashboards with project detailed analyses, financial information, return on investments (ROI), and information on dividend payments, this again helps investors to choose the right packages

Features of NICO TOKEN

Frictionless market

The market is being made easy with our NICO tokens. You get to purchase and trade at a very flexible rate. Creating an account on the website alone brings you many promising offers. You can easily control your finances. Watch over them and get guided by crypto and trading experts.


Making our tokens safe and easy to use is our top priority. They are well-secured and encrypted. Long-time access with hindering circumstances is duly avoided. Making these tokens useful for long-term trading is guaranteed.


Using tokens earns you a molded amount of interest and daily, weekly and monthly profits. Same as NICO PRO and NICO PREMIUM. We’ve made it possible for our tokens to have a breakthrough in the financial world. Thereby creating unlimited opportunities to earn.

Self-governed and managed

The functions consist of however now no longer restricted to superior reviews and custom dashboards, getting entry to pre-ICO calendars and ICO studies cloth, and so forth which facilitates to make traders making knowledgeable choices while buying packages.

Our project partners


Coin Casso Exchange is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Estonia, which as the first in the industry has applied a unique system that pays 80% of the profits of the entire Coin Casso infrastructure to each user according to the number of CCX tokens possessed – Coin Casso Exchange Token.


PointPay is an all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem centered around the PointPay token as the main payment tool. It includes working PointPay Crypto Exchange and PointPay Crypto Wallet with PointPay Crypto Bank and PointPay Online Payment System for merchants in the development process. Early adopters will receive the best rates.


Genius Team

Dinngo is revolutionizing the way we trade digital Currencies, Dinngo exchange provides a secure, fast and convenient asset trading service.


Genius Team

SPECTRE is the world’s first broker-less trading platform that removes the broker from the equation and returns the power back to retail traders across the globe. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, SPECTRE’s liquidity pool is entirely owned by the ICO token investors.


Genius Team

TecraCoin hosts an Internet platform for raising capital that will support the commercialization of high-end technologies.


Genius Team

AIBBB is an AI assistant-enabled applications for trading across Crypto Markets.

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