Geri Smoll

Director and CEO


NexusICO was founded by GERI SMALL. He has been very passionate about making money and getting a great living for himself and his family. He studied Marketing and Finance at one of the best universities in Los Angeles. He also graduated as one of the best students in his department.  Having left university, he ventured into financial markets. Studied the acts and knowledge of crypto/forex trading. He made his first million dollars 4 years after bagging a degree. Not long, he decided to teach young techs about the act of making money online. He encouraged them to invest in cryptocurrency and trade. He watched and nurtured them on how to invest in crypto. These included forex trading, crypto trading and arbitration, online casinos, and so on. These young techs made a lot of money after Geri Small trained them. A few tears later, he gathered a few people and decided to start his own company, NexusICO. He is a man of wisdom and great knowledge, very versatile and lovely. He is an example of a successful and wealthy man.


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